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About the Aled Mission Area

The Aled Mission Area has been formed from part of the former Llanrhos Deanery. It runs along the coast from Pensarn, Abergele to Rhos-on-Sea, and south into the country to Llansannan and Llangernyw. It includes 19 churches, who are committed to working together in new ways to encourage each other, share best practice, be a strong part of the Diocese of St Asaph, and ultimately further the Gospel of Christ in this part of north Wales

About the Aled Mission Area

Mission Areas and the Way Ahead

Mission Areas are being created all over the diocese, and indeed throughout the Church in Wales. Some dioceses are calling them Ministry Areas, but they will be the same a new way of orgarnising our churches and our people to better serve God’s purpose.

“The review team found the Church in Wales very warm and welcoming and there are many good things happening. But in order to serve the people in Wales effectively, particularly its young people, we believe some radical thinking is necessary”

From the Harries Report on the CinW

We must think seriously about the best ways of carrying outs God’s mission in this place. In 1980, the Church in Wales held a service in Cardiff Arms Park and each church sent a representative because there wasn’t room for them all. But in 2016, the Church in Wales would fit inside.

Many of our churches already connect with their communities in good and fruitful ways. But now, more than ever, those around us need to know the love of God. It is up to us to show this love with a passion!

How does it work?

Each church is represented at the Mission Area Conference, which is the MA’s principal governing body, and holds the legal responsibility for all activities within the MA.
There is also an MA Executive, essentially a ‘steering group’, made up of the MA Leader (‘Archdeacon John Lomas), two Wardens, a Lay Chair, the MA treasurer, and a small number of others from the Conference, both clergy and lay.

The Conference has met several times to agree priorities for the next two years.

There are also committees, made up of conference members and others who report to the Executive and the Conference, and deal with specific work in the Mission Area. These are: Buildings, Finance, Shared Ministry Team, Schools, and Vision.

Buildings Committee

The Buildings Committee is made up of reps from each church, and looks after all the buildings in our MA. It keeps track of the condition of each building and its property, and considers the best way to make sure we are properly equipped for the task ahead.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is made up of the treasurers of each church, under the leadership of the MA Treasurer, looking after the finances of the whole Mission Area, to improve co-operation and support new work. Legacies that have been made to a church will remain there, as will current reserves or parish share debts, until or unless a decision is made to share these, in support of one another and our shared mission.

Shared Ministry Team

The Shared Ministry Team includes all clergy, lay worship leaders, and pastoral assistants. They concentrate on worship in the MA, both as it is now, and how it can best serve the needs of our communities.


The Schools group looks after any administration of church schools which is the MA’s responsibility, looks after delivering worship in all our schools, and encouraging schools and churches to connect with each other.


The Vision Committee has been formed to ‘dream dreams and see visions’! It thinks about new ways of bringing people together, and sharing our love of Christ with those around us.

Who is our Mission Area?

These are our churches: Brothers and Sisters in Christ, working and praying together:

St Catherine and St John the Baptist, Old Colwyn
St Elian, Llanelian
St Paul, Colwyn Bay
Dewi Sant, Colwyn Bay
Christ Church, Bryn y Maen
St Trillo’s Chapel, Rhos on Sea
St George, Rhos on Sea
St Trillo, Rhos on Sea
Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre, Pensarn
St Michael, Abergele
St George, Abergele
St Mary, Llanfair Talhaiarn
St Digain, Llangerynyw
St Sannan, Llansannan
St Michael, Betws yn Rhos
St Cynfran, Llysfaen
St Cynbryd, Llanddulas

Our clergy will still be rooted in a worshipping community: there are many very clear strengths in doing this. At the same time, clergy and licensed ministers will be able to share their particular skills and gifts more readily across the Mission Area, contributing to a greater sense of the whole.

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