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Covid 19 Closure of Church Buildings during January


Following the advice offered to us all yesterday, by Bishop Gregory we have taken the decision to close all our church buildings throughout the Aled Mission area until the end of this Month .
 The rapid rise in the infection rates both at a local level and nationally and the emergence of a new variant of Covid 19 has led us to this decision. It is a decision taken in response out of love and at acknowledgement that we all have a responsibility to one another to reduce the possibility of the transmission of this dreadful disease to one another.
We will publish later this week the details of services that we will be holding this Sunday and during the week that follows on Zoom and by Telephone.
 Our buildings may be closed again , however we did have had the joy of celebrating together the great feast of Christmas together in our beautiful churches. Together we will join together again in worship using technology to form our church.
Please join us in prayer at this time using the prayer that our bishop has written for this time
Dear Father, who created us, and redeemed us, and who has promised us your love,
be with us in a time of danger and of worry.
May those who suffer, or who are ill, know the blessing of your grace,
while we who are well be inspired by your Spirit
To be wise and to be servants, working for the healing and wholeness of all,
each in our own way.
Keep us calm and cautious, strong and open to service,
So that we take care of those around us, and also ourselves.
We ask this in the name of Jesus  Amen
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