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Prayer Squares – St. Trillo & St. George’s, Llandrillo yn Rhos

This project- to knot prayer squares  was initiated by Rhos on Sea Mother’s Union. Small knitted squares with the sign of the cross and prayers enveloped inside them have been distributed – following phone calls with potential recipients – through letter boxes and by gloved hands! The recipients are encouraged to hold their prayer squares in the palm of their hands and become conscious of the love of God and of others for them.


A typical prayer square encouragement says:

Lay this softly upon your palm,

Feel God’s grace, His love His calm.

Lift your cares and join in prayer,

Drawing peace from this little prayer.


The MU leader Anne Jones knitted over 30 prayer squares initially, which were distributed to members of the congregation and particularly vulnerable people. They have become a valuable source of comfort for those without company during the lock down as part of a package of resources developed by local Christians.


Another Rhos MU initiative has been the distribution of plants and sunflower seeds during the restrictions, as visually signs of hope and new life.

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