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We are producing a New Vision Statement

Our changed circumstances because of the Covid 19 Lockdown has given us cause to ask how we can serve the communities within our Mission Area. Change is a chance to improve how we work and how we bring the good news of Jesus Christ not just to those who we see in our churches every week , but also those who live and work within the communities which we serve.

Our work is to bear witness to the love of Jesus both through our presence , but also in our generosity, prayer and in our teaching.

We are inviting everyone who contribute to the process of change within the ministry and the care we provide for all and would ask that you use the box below any suggestions or comments to the Vision which us expressed so far as

We, the Aled Mission Area, are a family of Churches, building up trust and mutual support.

We are diverse in geography, culture, language, and worship.
We are inspired and supported by prayer.
We aim to:
• be woven and united in the love and life of Christ.
• proclaim the Gospel in Word and deed in our communities and in the world.
• grow and nurture followers of Jesus.
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