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What is happening in our Mission Area during the corona virus shutdown

Dear All,

Dear All, Annwyl pawb,

Dwi’n ymddiheuro fedra’i ddim gyrru hwn yn ddwy- ieuthog ar hyn o  bryd- os ydych yn gwybod am rywyn fasa’n fodlon ei gyfieuthu i’r Gymraeg, fasech yn gadael i mi wybod os gwelwch yn dda.

I apologise that we cannot at the moment send this out bilingually – if anyone knows someone who likes translating please let me know.

What strange territory we are in now – all certainties gone and so upsetting for those whose family members are ill and who face a severe loss of income.

Thanks to the benefits of modern technology the clergy, readers and wardens of the Mission Area have had a face to face conversation through an app called Zoom for the last three mornings to support each other and see what we are doing and can do collaboratively for our congregations and communities.

We should be very grateful if you could share this email with as many of the congregation or friends as you can, or for those who have no email address please ring them or print it off to post it through their doors if they live by you.

We have decided that once a week on Thursdays we will send out a similar email to this letting you all know what is happening and so that the key information can also get into anything the individual churches are doing for the weekend.

What is happening?

Ann Bland the Lay Reader from Llysfaen is doing a slot on the Community Radio each Sunday which you can listen to if you go to their website.

Each Week there will be attached the sermon you did not hear in church for the sermon junkies among you (may be a small readership!). This week it is by Malcolm Squires on the Old Testament reading from Ezekiel.

Jon Andrews our Youth Worker is getting a list of places you can find resources for young people and is starting a Prayer Group for young people. He would also like to be in touch with families of recently baptised children but as they don’t give their email addresses it is difficult to get in touch with them electronically – so if you have those details please pass them on to Jon.

We thought of starting prayers over the phone for the elderly who can only communicate in that way now, and further details will be sent as we think further about it.

We are also going to look at connecting with our ecumenical partners, starting telephone trees, having an article in the paper and using electronic media to have small groups for worship, prayer and Bible Study.


As you are aware finances were already difficult before the Corona outbreak. Churches are likely to lose income with no congregations. We appreciate that some will have a severe loss of income, but for those whose income remains stable but who do not have standing orders could we suggest that each week the money that would have been put in the collection is placed in envelopes or a jar so that it can be brought to church when the crisis is over?

That’s all for now and keep safe! Diolch yn fawr. Gwnewch yn siwr eich bod yn cadw’n saff ac yn iach.


Buzz Squires on behalf of the clergy and lay readers and all who minister within the Aled Mission Area

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